Disaster Prepare Limited

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Website: http://www.earthquakewellington.co.nz
Email: graham@disasterprepare.co.nz
Phone:+64 (21) 239 6719
Address: Graham Nel
Disaster Prepare Limited

Disaster Prepare Ltd are multi award winning earthquake safety professionals specialising in the often overlooked area of seismic safety for building contents. We are trusted suppliers of earthquake safety services to GNS Science, Govt. departments, corporates and medical facilities in New Zealand.

We provide a total solution service, focusing on medium to large business and organisations. Our services include:

  • Earthquake safety audit
  • Supply and installation of seismic restraints
  • Staff earthquake and tsunami safety training
  • Annual safety audit and training updates
  • Civil Defence cabinets and rescue equipment in alliance with Survive-It Ltd

We work with the UNISDR and alliance partners to deliver disaster risk reduction training in the Pacific. We are seeking additional export opportunities for our award winning QuakeFlex(r) seismic restraints in Australasia and the EU.