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Phone:+64 (4) 234 1414
Postal Address: Mick Turner
PO Box 1340
Wellington 6140
New Zealand
New Zealand

Cratos Limited brings leading technology and product solutions to real world problems. Cratos Limited is the Australasian Distributor for the range of Pro-Tect Security Systems (PSS) glass laminates and for the Ping4alerts! smartphone alerting applications.

PSS Window films Conventional windows were not designed to resist earthquakes, determined criminals, windblown debris, explosions or ballistics. Subjected to such stresses, existing glass can explode or shatter that can endanger occupants of buildings and passersby. Our PSS laminates are specifically designed to transform your weakest link into a source of strength. They are manufactured into a micro-thin transparent security window film, which revolutionises regular glass into a barrier that can resist those unfortunate incidents referred to above. We offer a complete service including supply, supply and fit and project management services across Australasia and the South Pacific. Please visit our website for technical specifications and for further details

Ping4alerts! Smartphone alerting applications Ping4alerts!, gives you the power to deliver highly localised, rich media alerts to smartphones in your specified area, instantly and anonymously. Ping4alerts! Also gives you the capability to:

  • Send as many alerts as you want with no charges per alert (massive savings over SMS based systems)
  • Receive tips from the public or allow a one touch call back facility
  • Have private channels (SMS) communication with staff and key stakeholders

This system is proven technology and is here and available now. It is an ideal tool for organisations to manage, not only their day to day communications, but also serious and unfolding incidents. The multi faceted communication capability that ping4alerts! offers, is unmatched. No other company or product in the world can give such high precision, highly localised rich media communications to people whom they do not have any information about, except where their phone is. We can provide this technology through the Ping4alerts! app (which allows you to add your own logo to each message), through a white label product that has the look and feel of your organization or, we can embed the technology into any existing app that you may have. For more information please visit