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Phone:+64 (4) 473 0630
Fax:+64 (4) 473 0643
Postal Address: Adolf Stroombergen
PO Box 25309
New Zealand

Infometrics is an economic consulting firm founded in 1983. There are seven economists in the team, three of whom each have more than 20 years consulting experience. Infometrics is a private company with a reputation for communicating economic analysis and thought-provoking ideas clearly to people in business.

The company focuses on two main areas of work, regular economic forecasts and one-off economic consulting projects for clients in the public and private sectors. It has specialist skills in public policy research including education, taxation, labour markets, savings and retirement, energy, trade, and transport. It also has high expertise in risk analysis, general equilibrium modelling, econometric research and microsimulation modelling.

Recent examples of work related to economic impacts include:

  • Real options theory applied to investment in flood protection
  • Development of a spatial general equilibrium model for analysis of wider economic benefits of transport investment in New Zealand
  • Estimation of the cost of ratification of the Kyoto Protocol and of the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme on the economy
  • Assessment of the effects of climate change on the agriculture and energy sectors.