Greater Wellington - The Regional Council

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Phone:+64 (4) 830 2120
Fax:+64 (4) 473 7982
Postal Address: Greater Wellington - The Regional Council
Rian van Schalkwyk
Manager, Business and Development,
Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO)
PO Box 11-646
New Zealand

Local government in New Zealand is represented by regional and territorial (city or district) councils. Regional councils like Greater Wellington cover larger areas than territorial councils.

The Greater Wellington Regional Councilís specific responsibilities include environment management, flood protection and land management, provision of regional parks, public transport planning and funding, and metropolitan water supply. The region covers a land area of 813,005 hectares and a maritime area of 786,700 hectares, and a population of 445,400.

It manages 320 kilometres of river channels and 280 kilometres of stopbanks, and is responsible for one of the largest flood protection schemes in New Zealand.

The Greater Wellington Regional Council co-ordinates the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group for the region.