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Interesting links

Earthquake Engineering New Zealand (EENZ)

EENZ ( is a network of New Zealand consultants, device manufacturers, researchers and educators, able to deliver best practices in earthquake engineering, seismology, and related services.

Earthquake Hazard Centre (EHC)

Information network and dissemination centre for earthquake-resistant construction in developing countries. The EHC ( seeks to share basic earthquake engineering knowledge, commonplace in many countries, with those working in construction-related fields in developing countries.


Designed, installed and operated by GNS Science on behalf of the Earthquake Commission (EQC) and all New Zealanders, GeoNet ( is a network of modern instruments and data centres established to monitor earthquakes, volcanic unrest, land deformation, land stability, geothermal activity, and tsunami in New Zealand. The GeoNet web site provides public access to hazards information, including earthquake bulletins and volcano alerts, and allows the research community to freely retrieve fundamental data sets such as GPS Rinex files, earthquake hypocentres and instrument waveform data.

Hazard Watch

A service of GNS Science, Hazard Watch ( provides weekly reviews of natural hazard events reported in New Zealand, using information from the GNS Seismological Observatory, Volcanological Observatory, and Landslide Response Team and a national network of reporters. Visitors can browse images in the GNS Landscape Photo Library, and subscribe to free geo-information updates for the latest information about large quakes, changes in volcanic status and new content on the GNS site.

Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (New Zealand)

The Ministry of Civil Defense & Emergency Management ( provides helpful information on what you can do to be better prepared to cope in a civil defence emergency. Educational material about the natural hazards faced by New Zealand can also be found in this site.

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE)

NZTE ( is New Zealand government's national economic development agency. Information about business development, export services, sector development, and regional development is available in this website. In addition, there is a section about celebrating New Zealand business success.

Grow Wellington

Grow Wellington ( is the business agency for the Wellington region, New Zealand. Information about the region's key industries, economy, migrating here and local business news is available in this site.