WebEOC is a web-based emergency management communications system that provides cost-effective, real-time information sharing. WebEOC can be configured to meet the unique needs of individual customers. Any number of authorised people can log into a customerís WebEOC from anywhere in the world if an Internet deployment is used.

Key characteristics of WebEOC are its ease-of use; unlimited user access; extensive customer tools; plus low initial cost and low maintenance cost.

Information from WebEOC can be viewed on individual PC's or projected onto any number of large screens. It will display text-based lists, reports and checkpoints in conjunction with graphics, maps, video, live TV camera, contact lists and other information needed in an emergency situation.

WebEOC has a proven, easy-to-use interface, with an on-screen control device that looks and acts just like a TV controller. This makes it easy to operate in an emergency situation - users just need to point and click to display the information they want to see.

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