Business continuity programmes and advice projects which the Natural Hazards Inc. cluster are already involved in or have completed include:

Business Continuity Planning for state-owned electricity grid owner-operator (PDF 1 page summary)
Project start date: January 2001
Transpower is the asset owner and system operator of New Zealandís high-voltage electricity transmission grid. Its network operations are undertaken from diverse robust sites and facilities. It sought to increase the resilience of its Corporate Office based business and technical functions. Of primary concern was the organisationís lack of preparedness for unexpected loss of use of premises and extended failure of some IT systems. Other concerns included non-availability of key people and disruptions to telecommunications services. Natural hazards such as fire, severe wind/storm/cyclone, earthquake and volcanic ash-fall events are significant together with man-made security and other risks.
Lead company: null

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Earthquake Risk Modelling (PDF 1 page summary)
Project start date: July 2000
Earthquake risk modelling incorporates the most recent information about earthquake sources, attenuation of strong ground motion and building vulnerability. The techniques can be applied to specific building portfolios, giving realistic estimates of damage and loss for planning or insurance purposes.
Lead company: GNS Science

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