Who we are

Natural Hazards Inc is a specialised group of companies and consultants which focus on assessing and mitigating natural hazards. Our professional, technical and consultative hazard management practices are recognised internationally as innovative and practical.

New Zealand's location astride two of the Earth's tectonic plates makes us prone to earthquakes, volcanic activity and tsunami. Furthermore, as an island in the boisterous westerly winds of the "roaring forties" and being surrounded by vast oceans, New Zealand is also vulnerable to storms, floods, landslides and erosion. This natural laboratory of percolating hazards has seen Natural Hazards Inc.'s members develop a skill base and knowledge of natural disaster management which ranks amongst the world's best.

Natural Hazards Inc. operates by appointing a member as lead consultant to manage specific projects. For each identified project, Natural Hazards Inc. can bring together a suitable team of the best specialist professionals with skills such as:

  • Emergency managers
  • Engineers
  • Mitigation experts
  • Educationalists
  • Communication advisers
  • Monitoring system developers
  • Economists
  • Environmental scientists
  • Hazard risk assessment experts
  • Researchers
  • Social Scientists
  • Capacity builders
  • Insurers
  • New Zealand has a long track record of natural hazard expertise. We listen to, and understand the needs of others, and our willingness to transfer our knowledge is evident in the high number of New Zealand professionals working in natural hazards management throughout the world.

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