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Collaborating to create a more resilient tomorrow.


Natural Hazards Inc is an internationally focused collaborative of New Zealand industry leaders delivering innovative solutions for earthquake and natural hazard risk management.

We have specialists in risk assessment, hazards monitoring, emergency preparedness, improving your community's understanding and resilience to natural hazards, business continuity, engineering solutions for hazard mitigation, communications, economic evaluation, hazard education, and research.

Natural Hazards Inc. arose in 1998 as the Earthquake Engineering NZ Business Cluster, as a Wellington City Council and Regional Council supported initiative. This has evolved into being the Natural Hazards Inc Business Cluster to cover expertise in a wide range of hazards and climate change impact areas.

Natural Hazards Inc has supported the undertaking by members of a number of joint marketing and project initiatives, including involving follow up from major earthquakes in Turkey, Gujarat India, Indonesia (Boxing Day earthquake and tsunami) and Padang earthquake, as well as flooding in Vietnam and the impact of climate change, cyclones and volcanic eruptions in the Pacific.

Our purpose

  1. New Zealand expertise advancing global climate and disaster resilience.
  2. Collaborating with communities to enhance their resilience to earthquakes, floods, landslides, eruptions, tsunami, climate change and other hazards.

How we do it

  • Bringing together and promote New Zealand expertise in reducing the impacts of earthquake and natural hazards events on communities throughout the world.
  • Bringing NZ’s skills resources and reputation as a valued international supplier of professional services and products.
  • Helping members secure worthwhile projects which would not otherwise be available to them.



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